Frequently Asked Questions

MeBook is a cool, innovative app that allows you to turn your Facebook into an actual book. MeBook is an awesome way for you to show and share the greatest events in your life whether it is your wedding, your birthday, your recent travels or even the birth of your child!
MeBook is the perfect gift you can give yourself, your friends, your family, your partner and even your employees. MeBook allows you to create an attractive, personalized book based on your or your friends' personal info, wall posts, photos, friends directory, friends profile, notes, etc.
Logging in to your Facebook account is necessary for us to retrieve the information needed to create your MeBook. Your peace of mind is our number one priority. As such, you can be certain that we:
  • will not and have no access to your Facebook password.
  • will not access or store your friends' emails
  • will not contact your friends
  • will not share or post anything on your wall.
Also, you can easily remove our app from your Facebook anytime you want to
Yes. All your Facebook information is kept secure and confidential. Once your MeBook is printed or you've cancelled your order, your Facebook information will be immediately deleted.
Ordering MeBook is very easy and quick. All you need to do is login to your Facebook, choose the features such as personal info, wall posts, photos you'd like to include in your book and then wait for the website to assemble your very own unique, personalized MeBook.
After your MeBook is created, a watermarked PDF version of your entire book is going to be sent to your email. It usually takes several hours for the PDF to appear in your email. This is deliberately done to make sure that you're satisfied with your MeBook. If you like your book, just click the confirm button and we'll process your order and print your book. If you don't like it for any reason, simply click the cancel button. You can easily come back to our website to modify your book and come up with a product you truly like.
If you're experiencing this problem, go to contact us. We will immediately attend to your needs, solve the problem and make sure that you get your MeBook.